Leadership vs. Managing in IT


This video goes through 5 differences between being a leader and a manager.

1.       Leaders inspire, manager measure

Leaders inspire others to go on to complete a task that they may not be willing to usually undertake while managers find ways to measure and instruct how to get a task done.

2.       Leaders guide, managers navigate

Leaders give a general direction of which to proceed and the team uses there best skills to get to that point, where a manager goes through the who, what, where, and how process to get the team to the direction they would like to take.

3.       Leaders hope, managers realize

Leaders stay focused on there vision and at times will avoid or ignore issues as they arise due to the fact they are blinded by there vision, managers clearly see all the issues upfront and this allows them to clearly plan out how they should proceed and avoid the issues, but this may cause a manager or team to have tunnel vision.

4.       Leaders envision,  managers maintain

Leaders see what the future can be according to there vision and at times this alone can take teams out there lows and managers see what they can maintain and measure.

5.       Leaders rally , managers retrench

Leaders rally there team when issues arise and are not afraid to take fault when issues do arise, where managers retrench and regroup there teams to fix the issue once it has been identified and then return to normal operation.

The video has a lot of validity to it, leadership is definitely not management, but every manager really needs to be a good leader.  I feel most teams or projects will need to be inspired by a good leader but depending on the audience of the project they may need to use management tactics to report full progress for those who may be concerned in the organization.


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