Servant Leadership

I am new to this idea of servant leadership.  I’m new to the term servant leadership that is.  This article just reiterates the feelings I have with where I need to be as a leader.  I work really hard to build the trust of each of my employees.  I take the time to sit with them on a one to one basis at least weekly if not more often to see how things are going with work and any other topic they would like to talk about.  I don’t use this time as a status update time, but more of a relationship building time.  I have started to take each of my direct reports out too lunch for there birthdays and I try to take care of them with either food or whatever the may need when they have to work late.  My systems engineers get called after hours at times when a certain system is not functioning correctly and I always make an effort to ask them if they need help or if they would need to leave early or come in late the next day.  The job can get stressful at times and I want to be able to relieve some of that stress when I can.

The article actually uses empirical data to prove such a point.  We all need be part transformational and a servant leader, but the report shows it’s more important to be a servant leader.  I really like the article and it’s nice to see proven data about how I feel what leads to the best productivity.


One thought on “Servant Leadership

  1. Chris:

    Great article! Also good input from your vantage point. How it applies in one’s daily leadership journey is critical to discover.

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