Abraham Lincoln as Leader

I just finished read the book “Lincoln on Leadership” by Donald T. Phillips.  This book really emphasized how much of a great leader Abraham Lincoln was and it was during one of the most difficult times for any president.

Probably the GREATEST president of all time in my opinion after reading this book.    The book went through all of the great leadership qualities of any leader like circulating with your staff, persuade rather than coerce others, honest and integrity just to name a few.

The one huge point I took from this book was that Lincoln always tried to lead by giving his subordinates the ability to act on there own and make decisions.  He would just give them a end goal in mind.  He went through several General’s during the war that never really lived up to his expectations until Grant came around, but did he just quit on them instantly.  No he gave them several chances to succeed, until it was completely apparent they were not affective as generals.  He also knew that even though they weren’t great as generals they were great in other aspects and found other roles for them in the government.  Lincoln always took the time to understand and learn about what each of his subordinates was best at and tried to encourage and work with them to reach the goals that he had set for them.  He knew the only way that he was going to be  a good president and leader that he would need great leaders below him also.


Oh and Honest Abe, was truly Honest!!! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Abraham Lincoln as Leader

    1. Yeah but some of the freedoms he created in the government today are a big reason why we are at war over seas and things like the patriot act could be created. He didn’t abuse them like a lot of today’s politicians do though.

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