Failure……??????? Should we strive for it???????????

This is another hot topic with me.  I’m really getting tired of people and this includes me sometimes  fearing failure.  How can we learn if we don’t fail.  My problem in the past wasn’t really that I was  afraid of failure, but I was really hard on myself when I did fail and I had a hard time finding the good in the failure.  It was hard to find the positive in certain things at times.  After several years in working on this, working on my personal attitude, and having KIDS I have begun to take positives for everything.  The people you mentor need this from you to keep going and I first had to learn how to do this for myself.

How can you be happy if you don’t find positives in everyday aspects of your life?  You need to be able to find something positive in everything you do.


One thought on “Failure……??????? Should we strive for it???????????

  1. Failure, is a fearfull event. One in which I try not to do too often. When raised by someone who is known for saying “if you cant do it right don’t do it at all” the art of perfection flows. It takes time to humble oneself when a failure takes place but its worth it when you learn from it. Good post. Y

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