IT make transitiion to leader in Organization

In Information Technology we are used to change, but that doesn’t mean we are always pushing for the correct change.  Most of us have been bitten by the technology leader bug once in our career.  We try so hard to be safe in what we are doing in that we don’t even try to be on the leading edge.  I really don’t think the problem is the leader in this case, I think its a issue with most software and hardware developers leading with a product that isn’t fully baked (a Technical Term :)).  So we have built up a resistance to change, but not as much as most people.  I think we as technology leaders need to be on the leading edge of implementing idea’s and technology, but only to the point where we can prove it could possibly be beneficial to the organization.  I believe change is good.  Now I need to better understand how to implement change better.  I’m pretty confident in my skills to communicate change to people when that change is required or extremely beneficial.  The problem I have is selling my ideas of change my upper management along with presently our institution doesn’t have a process in place for recommending change other than going through each step of administration one by one and 9 times out of 10 it gets rejected before it even gets a chance at life.


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