Good to Great – Get the right people…..

I have been reading Good to Great by Jim Collins in between my readings for my MBA Leadership class.  The last chapter I read had to deal with getting the right people in the right jobs before creating a common vision and/or goal for your department or organization.  I think this is a key aspect that most leaders overlook.  Most people come into a new organization having a idea where they want to take a department or organization, but rarely do they think about what they have in leadership in the organization before they make these goals.  In most circumstances if you take this stance in your leadership role  your pretty much going to be replacing all of your leaders to fit your goal rather than finding the great leaders you already have and use there strengths to build the organization.  This is really key if you want your leaders to passionate and sell your vision for the organization/department.  You want to find Great people and then work with them to find a goal that you can all accomplish.

Another take away I took from this chapter is that you want your leaders to be able to express there opinions and feel comfortable doing so in the organization.  The more minds you have  thinking about something and feeling passionately about it the more success you will have.  Find people who are passionate about what they do and you’ll build a successful organization.

This is just my opinion and interpretation.  Please let me know if you disagree or agree.


One thought on “Good to Great – Get the right people…..

  1. Good take aways!

    The premise of “First Who, then What” is something to lay ahold of, whether one leads a large organization, department or team.

    – Get the Right People on The Bus
    – Get the Right People in the Right Seats
    – Get the Wrong People off the Bus

    A key piece is the “right” people. Of course, Collins isn’t necessarily suggesting that the person who shouldn’t be on the bus is bad, unethical, etc… They just might not be a fit for the organization (whatever the reason may be).

    Good stuff, Chris!

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