Walt Disney and Leadership – Goals

I have finished reading “The Disney Way” by Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson.  This video depicts one of Walt Disney leadership rules.  More and more companies today are being short sighted and looking for the quick profit, Walt Disney and Disney in general does not believe this is the way you should do it.  Sure you can have short term goals but they need to be a component of achieving a long term goal.  Bill uses the example of how Walt bought all of this land in Florida and after he built the magic kingdom he could have sold a large portion of it for a huge profit, but Walt’s long term goal was to expand and make Disney world the happiest place on earth.  Disney did not sell the land even though it could have made a quick dollar instead it continued to develop in Walt’s vision for Disney World and they have made even more money that they could have made in real estate.

Just remember short terms goals are required, but only if they have a ending that conforms to the long term goals of the company.


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