Be A Coach, Not a Critic

The leading blog goes into how it is much better to be a positive coach than a critic of how someone has done sometime.  I have found myself being the critic at times and not noticing it until after the fact when it’s too late.  This has been a true learning experience for me.  I only have a couple younger generational subordinates but you can tell instantly when you aren’t a coach at first, they take it to heart almost immediately.  I now know that each of my team members have to seem the same way, the just don’t show it.  Since realizing what I had been doing I know try to always lead off with what someone did right in a situation and then go into what could have been done differently.  I have even gone in after the fact and apologized at times because I was the critic first.  I have a very good team of employees who care about the department and organization, I need to do my best to make sure the realize this every day.


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