Change! Why?

I’ve gone through and implemented many changes in technology for a couple different organizations.  Early in my career I didn’t really understand how to communicate change to make it successful.  I would say “We have to do this upgrade or change” without going into why we had to do this upgrade.  I would also not think it was necessary to notify everyone when the change was going to happen and make sure the timing was good for everyone and when I did check with everyone and I was told I couldn’t do they changes I need at that time I would get upset.

I have learned that the more upfront you can be about needed change in the organization the better off the change will be accepted.  Along with you need to be able to empathize and understand how everyone will interpret the change so you can explain to them fully why the change is needed for them.  Everyone is going to look at the change from there view point first and they should.  We all act emotionally to change as it effects us, but it is our jobs as change leaders to understand this and be able to effectively communicate this change to everyone in a manner that they understand.  Most importantly keep them in the loop in every critical aspect so they feel included the whole way through.  I think most people just want to be heard when change is to be implemented.

Change is hard but it doesn’t need to be difficult or emotional.


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