After reading The Disney Way, this article kind of sparked my curiosity.  Most people either love or really hate Disney, and this is because most people don’t understand it.  Seth Godin in this post bring out the point why you should like Disney, but you need to think about it in the correct manner.  True the company makes millions of dollars off the happiness of children and adults, but it’s the reason why the company exists in the first place that it’s able to capitalize on this.

People that hate Disney only look at it for the pure cost and what they feel the gullibility of weak minded people.  True there are a lot of people who are week minded, but it’s because this company helps people dream and it in turn makes them happy.  I myself think that going to Disney World or buying Disney products are way over priced and expensive, but I do know that the company is creating a dream and happiness for children.  When we have taken our kids to Disney World we don’t focus on the silly trinkets, gimmicks, and food you can buy, but we let our children experience new things that spark there imagination.  True we can go to a museum in downtown Chicago to do this and we do.  Except museums don’t also create that excitement that entertainment can in children.

I have two of the most creative children around.  They do art work, dance, sing, and pretty much everything else and this is because it entertains them and it allows us as parents to help them create dreams to be better children when they grow up.  We now are able to use such things as music and dance to teach them how to either count, spell, or even read.  It just works, kids need to have some sort of dream or entertainment to help them.  A happy child is going to be a smart one.

Now that I’ve gone off on a tangent.  Dreams are important to most individuals happiness.  Dreams create goals and goals create success and failure in life that we can learn from.


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