Guest not a Customer

Have you ever wondered why people who go to Disney resorts keep going back for more?  The big reason is because each and every person is treated as a guest and not just another customer.  This whole idea of treating people as guests in the resort industry has pretty much become the norm due to the success of Disney.  Take for example Four Seasons hotels, people keep insisting on stay at there resorts because they will not hesitate to what it takes to make you stay a very happy successful one.

Customer service needs to become guest services for all support organizations.  Everyone needs to be treated fairly and empathetical in order to have the service that they deserve.  Every business that treats there customers as guest will she more repeat business than a organization that does not.

My family goes to Disney World and stays at Disney resorts because they understand families and have the amenities that are important to them.  Like cheap and fast food, pools designed for kids, in room services like pack’n’play’s and many others.

If your in a service organization remember how you would like to be treated if you were the customer, you want to be number one on the service list at all times and be treated like you were a guest in need of service.  Treat others how they want to be treated!


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