Changing how children learn

Learning today has changed for students.  This change is not making its way into our schools.  /Colleges need to be leaders in this arena.  Students need and want a way to collaborate with others in the class or around the world where they can learn from each other.  Technology needs to be harnessed in the classroom today, instructors/teachers need to change there ways and we need to teach teachers how to think like the students today think.  Sure we need to teach the same topics and details, but we need to harness the technology we have today to teach our children in the most effectively way possible.

When I say technology needs to be used in classrooms today, I definitely don’t mean using a projector to project a power point presentation.  We need use methods like classroom capture software to capture the lectures or labs so a student can look back and review the material on whatever web connected device, along with give them ability within that lecture to post comments or ask questions about material that either the instructor or others students can answer.

Some sort of collaboration between students, instructors, and business’s  around the world needs to be created to give the students of tomorrow a true look at what is going on in the business world today.  Technology and education has just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible and the educational institutions that are built flexible enough to change with technology and how it is used by students, will be the ones that are th most effective.  Technology and technology training need to take center stage in all organizations!

We need to find ways to make technology available to K-12 students also either with collaborations with college’s or actually pay instructors on how effective they are teaching there students and not how long they have been teaching.

Change is needed in education and its up to our education leaders and parents to push this change.


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