This past week was the first meeting of my Leading Teams MBA class and the instructor (Mike Hensley) asked me who my hero was and at the time I said I didn’t have one right now. This has caused me to think and rethink this over and over. I know just weird! The problem is I probably don’t have just one hero and this is mainly because there isn’t just one person in my life that strive to be just like. I love my mom and loved my dad and I’m sure I’m just like them and I have learned how to be who I am today because of them.

I’m at a point where I think I need a true mentor in my career and its been difficult to find one.

I do strive to be innovative like Walt Disney, fiscally responsible like my mother,  the best parent and care giver like my wife,  athletic like my father, and many others I look to on a daily basis for inspiration, but not just one person embodies who I want to be.

I am missing a career mentor right now, anyone out there want to help. 🙂


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