Vacations – Disney World

This is a opinion that most will not agree with me on, but I don’t care! 🙂

Disney World vacations for my family have been the most memorable of any vacation we have gone on. Don’t get me wrong I know the girls and I love every vacation we go on, especially the large family vacations to the Wisconsin Dells, camping, or just driving to North Carolina to see my mom and sister.  I can honestly say that no matter how cold, sick, or tired we get on our Disney World vacations we are always having a good time and we never dwell on the bad times or even remember them.  The stress people feel on Disney vacation is just like any other vacation.  I cannot stress enough to take your time, enjoy your family, and relax.  The reason their is so much to do at places like Disney World is because everyone has different things they like to do and Disney knows this.  Most people feel they need to do and see everything because it costs so much (Don’t Agree, not cheep, but can be comparable to any other trip), create a top 10 list of things you have to do and then focus on those.  If you have time in between or afterwards then do them, just don’t make your list too long or else you will feel stressed.  My top recommendations for enjoying your trip are below.  They may not be yours but it’s my blog!

  1. Take your time, Create a top 10 list.
  2. Get to the parks early when they open or make breakfast registrations in the parks before they open.
  3. I’m a strong believer on staying on the grounds and using all of the different Disney transportation systems. Buses, Boats, and of course the Monorail.
  4. Stay at a value resort if room size and amentities aren’t important, we love Pop Century.  They all have great pools.
  5. Don’t feel like you need to eat meals only at your resort and visit other resorts, even for quick service meals.
  6. We like the meal plans, especially when they are free.
  7. Use Disney’s Magical Express and don’t rent a car if your only going to stay on Disney grounds. (P.S. we drove last time and I loved it, but don’t think everyone else did)
  8. Use whatever fast pass system is available, use the Disney App it comes in handy.
  9. Ask any cast member for help with any question, if they don’t know the answer they always seem to know who does.
  10. Last and most importantly enjoy spending time with your family, don’t sweat the small stuff!!!!

Please feel free to share your opinions and thoughts in the comments.



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