Feedly as a resource, using Internet Feeds/Blogs efficiently

I have been using all of the resources available on the web as a method for keeping up to date in technology and also my personal interests. Since joining my new job I have heard at least three of our leaders do the same thing and recommend it to the others.   This has given me a chance to share all of the resources I have collected to my peers and it has been great. We all need to find a way to stay current and I have found this very useful.

The problem you will find when using the resources on the web, primarily blogs, news sites, and rss feeds is that there is so much information out there its hard to know what items you want to read. I used Google Reader for the longest time and when Google discontinued use I was searching for a replacement and found feedly. (Thanks John W) This website not only has categories, easy searching to find other sites similar to your interests, but it also has very easy to mobile apps.

I have attached my exported list of categories and sites that I use for everyone else to use. If anyone has any sites that I don’t that you highly recommend please share in the comments.



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