Road Trips!

This could be construed as one of those sappy posts for my Mom and Sister. My sister and I grew up very lucky that my parents worked hard enough for my family to have a second home in wonderful Sister Lakes, Michigan. Oh the stories I could tell ranging from waiting for the air temperature to reach 70 degrees (the water was so much colder) so T and I could go swimming as kids to as teenagers being the first ones to ski after the ice broke in wet suits! Not too mention all the memories we built with family friends. I could write a short book on all of those.

Now back to the title of the post! This meant as a family we took at least two road trips a week in the warmer months. We pretty much became a road warrior family at that point and still are. We took a few road trips to lovely Gulf Shores, Alabama and other places. It seems a large part of those trips I still remember the drive which included the scenery, experiencing different cultures, but most importantly the time we spent together in the Astro Van getting sun burn on one arm as it hung out the window listening to music singing with my mom.

This past year we have gone on two long road trips and I know my daughters will never forget driving through the mountains, making our routine stop at the waffle house, or stopping at the Florida border for freshly squeezed orange juice. The true point of this post is that we all need to stop taking the fast road getting from point A to point B but we need to stop and take our time. More times then not it’s the journey that is more important. We only have so much time to spend with the ones we love and we need to slow down to take advantage of the moments we do have.

This goes for our careers, leading, and coaching. Everyone needs to take time to really absorb what is happening in order for us to learn from what we are doing. We are too often looking at what we have to get done and not how it gets done. How can we learn from this? We learn more from journey more then just getting the job done.

My biggest point is we are all smart in our own way but we often don’t think about the journey and learn from it.

Quick list of Michigan memories for those who finished reading the whole blog entry.

Fishing, swimming, water skiing, fishing contests, wiffle/badminton tournaments, swimming in the rain, flying coasters, catching turtles/frogs/crayfish, sitting on the front porch during a rain storm, Friends, and ice cream(Probably a big reason for my addiction).

P.S. There are a lot others I won’t share to protect the innocent.


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