Learning from our family…

I have started several blogs over the past months but never finished or published one.  I promise I will finish each of these and publish them very soon!

This blog will be short and will create some to think and others to think who is this?  Truthfully I don’t care anymore what people think of me. 🙂

I have lost several family members in my life over the past and they have all had a immense impact on who I have become.

I’m sitting here watching TV and relaxing after enjoying a day with family when I look down and see a necklace Abbey took from my Grandma Maria’s house after she past away.  She still wears this necklace and loves it, sure it’s not something that is cool and hip, but it’s something she wears to remind her of my Grandmother.  She was a wonderful person that showed everyone compassion without judgement and everyone loved to be around her. Sure she had opinions on what was right and wrong but she still loved everyone and treated them equally.  I miss her greatly, but I know that my compassion for treating everyone fairly comes directly from her influence.  I’m so lucky to have had so many great people in my life past and present.

My point in this short but important message is we all learn from those around us no matter what it maybe. Please be true to who you are and remember someone is always learning something about you and who they will be.


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