Mentor or leader or follower or is their a difference?

I miss being the direct leader of a team and it’s been so hard for me to find other avenues to lead others at work and in my personal life.  I’m fully aware that some wonder why I would leave a position of leadership and get into a position that would appear to be only a worker following the lead of others.  What most don’t understand is that I only moved on to a position knowing I would be working for a leader that would allow me to continue my growth as a leader, but not as a manager or team lead but as team member.  We all feel in our younger career that we need to be the manager, Director, CEO, or CIO to be successful.  This is so far from the truth and very few people realize this.  Everyone needs to learn how to be Great Leader! in a way that it makes sense to them, sure some will never get there or realize everyone has the ability.

I know a lot of my facebook friends and others will be like who is this person, but I want to hear from others.

What do you feel makes someone a leader?


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