Change Continued….

How much change is effective and how do you measure how much is effective?

At the heart of it I’m a computer scientist and almost believe their is a number you can apply to any analysis, but can you really measure if a change was better for a company?  Granted in the end it’s all about if you can turn a profit, graduate more students, and  so on but is that really enough?  Research has proven over and over again that a happy employee equals people who will fight for their organization and the product or service they provide.  This will result in profit/success if done correctly!!

How do you cultivate this type of a organization then?(Sorry big on bullet points)

  1. Reward everyone based on success but not only fiscally, seriously a simple recognition works. (Customer satisfaction, company/community involvement, returning customers)
  2. Find those who require only fiscal gratification and get rid of them.(Harsh I know, but who knows what they will do in the end)
  3. Include 360 degree evaluations of everyone, include customers, peers, and so on.  How many managers/leaders ask for true evaluations from their employees or peers?
  4. Give your leaders the ability to efficiently evaluate their employees and vice versa. (Hard but 360 degree evaluations help)
  5. I know some of my friends will just give me grief about this one, but find a way to let everyone be involved. Focus groups with a way to create change.
  6. Get rid of regular evaluations!!!!! Create a enablement plan with result orientated goals including rewarding those who meet those goals.

I have no idea where I’ll be in a year, but you can guarantee I will continue to learn how enable organizational change and lead.  Granted I want to make a good living but seriously money isn’t everything to 90% of the world, it can’t buy happiness.


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