What Makes IT Leaders Successful Part 1 of Possibly Many….

The leaders of today have a lot of responsibility to shape an organization. This can mean lots of different things to different people.  IT/Technology leaders have a difficult job in todays technology landscape.  The average lifespan of a CIO for a organization is anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 years.  What does this say?  Are IT leaders in such demand that they keep moving on to bigger and better positions or are they seen disposable and easy escape goats?  I think more importantly we should be asking who are these CIO/CISO’s and what are their backgrounds and training.  How many CIO’s are true leaders?

My time in leadership has taught me several things but most importantly technology leaders need to start looking beyond the technology, processes, or details of project management. Over and over again if we find the right people and those people will follow a  great leader the organization will be successful. Now what does this mean for CIO’s?

  1. Learn how to lead people and not how to implement new technology!
    1. Read! Read! Read!
    2. Find a good mentor outside and inside technology.
    3. Create well defined goals with input for existing leadership.
    4. Get IT  department buy-in.
    5. Reward successful people someway!!!
  2. Look for projects with short and long term wins with a strategy in mind.
    1. Technology is being look at more and more as a utility you need to prove value.
    2. Find quick wins in your first 90 to 120 days.
    3. Put a culture in place right away that shows you care about your people but will want change if required.
  3. Get organizational buy-in
    1. Completely different article…
  4. Drastic change isn’t always required find the changes that will actually add value and don’t make changes because you have a familiarization with a specific technology, process, or company.
    1. Be open-minded.
  5. Look to others in your area, industry, partners, peers as to what they have seen successful.  Take the unsuccessful stories and don’t be afraid to ask questions to learn from them but don’t base your decisions based on them.
  6. Fix Broken process before making technology changes. Get involved in the business not just the technology.

This is all opinion as with all of my blogs… 🙂


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