Top -> Down Leadership -> Old Post Published Finally…

What a exhausting week!  Sales Kickoff is here and gone.  While I do feel being away from my family for 6 days straight a little excessive personally, it was a good week.  Now to the point of the blog. I have two points to make here and I have some thoughs that I really wanted to get off of my mind.  After going through my first company purchase since going back to the commercial sector I was very skeptical of a lot of things.  I do have to say that the senior leadership at my current company gets it in a couple key components and knows how to effectively communicate it.  The thing that worries me the most though is that as I’m not sure it’s part of our culture at this point.

The question I have to ask is how does leadership effectively communicate how teamwork is critical to it’s success?

Second how do you enable everyone while keeping the company profitable at this same time and who’s failure is it if there is no enablement?

I have no answers at this point, but I’m going to make it point over the next several months to help enable my skills to ensure this happens now and especially when I’m in a direct leadership position.  Our CEO introduced this idea of not only teams but stressed teaming between teams as theme this year, but what if our existing teams are already dysfunctional. Should we create that dysfunction throughout the organization? I don’t think so.  This will happen if successful teams aren’t built first. Isn’t working as a team the same as working as a team of teams.  Don’t we all work for the same team? Think about it for a second.  What makes a a Great Team?

Do we have a program in place? If you’ve read X Teams by Deborah Ancona and Henrik Bresman they described four core capabilities and I see maybe one or two being demonstrated and the most important one (Inventing) not being realized throughout the organization.  What does this mean and how do we do this throughout the organization?  

I’m going to make this happen within my team and leadership. I’ll share my journey as I do this and what was successful and what wasn’t.



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