Career Path…

I have been asked over and over again why I have chose the path I have, along with why would I leave a leadership position when I really like doing it.  My job in management taught me so many things about myself and others.  I learned what I really like to do, lead people!  That all being said I was at a point in my career I needed more experience outside of the small world I had been managing in for so long. The decision at the time seemed like it was completely a fiscal one to a lot of people when it really wasn’t.  The pay was “good”, but not great, but the work life balance did not justify “good” pay and throughout my journey that balance means so much to your well being and those around you.  The amount of experience far outweighed the pay and I’m really appreciative for the chance to grown so much as a leader, but I knew I could provide so much more as a leader if only given the chance.  The next position I took I was questioned over and over again why I took it since it really didn’t seem to fit how my career had grown up to that point. Every time I explained over and over again that I really needed to find out how to be a dedicated follower and how to lead as a peer instead of doing it as a manager/supervisor.  The key to my growth as a leader  is to how to lead my peers and once again see how my actions and others are affect their leaders.  The last time I was a follower I really didn’t understand what that meant and I needed to experience it once again.  Of course there were lots of reasons behind why I’m doing what I am today but this was a very core component that I saw why I did what I did. Too name a few, build a broader network, learn other businesses, lead from other leaders, be able to sell anything,  present and talk to any level of management, and also be more present for my girls and their worlds.

Granted I’m still not back in leadership yet, but I’ve found other ways to be involved and will continue to be.


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