Learning from our family…

I have started several blogs over the past months but never finished or published one.  I promise I will finish each of these and publish them very soon! This blog will be short and will create some to think and others to think who is this?  Truthfully I don’t care anymore what people think of […]

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Road Trips!

This could be construed as one of those sappy posts for my Mom and Sister. My sister and I grew up very lucky that my parents worked hard enough for my family to have a second home in wonderful Sister Lakes, Michigan. Oh the stories I could tell ranging from waiting for the air temperature […]

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Recommend Books…???

Before the people who know me make any comments… Yes I do read books, just not enough of them. I have to short of a attention span. So when I recommend a book it really must be a good book! :). Here are the books I would recommend, they are mostly leadership focused but not […]

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Vacations – Disney World

This is a opinion that most will not agree with me on, but I don’t care! 🙂 Disney World vacations for my family have been the most memorable of any vacation we have gone on. Don’t get me wrong I know the girls and I love every vacation we go on, especially the large family […]

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