Career Path…

I have been asked over and over again why I have chose the path I have, along with why would I leave a leadership position when I really like doing it.  My job in management taught me so many things about myself and others.  I learned what I really like to do, lead people!  That all […]

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Technology is not the answer…

This is a quickie but has a good hidden meaning.  Many times a company is looking to upgrade or purchase new technology to fix a operational problem, not create operation efficiencies and enhance the business.  More great technology projects fail due to the fact they just try to automate or make more complex operational inefficiencies. […]

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Change Continued….

How much change is effective and how do you measure how much is effective? At the heart of it I’m a computer scientist and almost believe their is a number you can apply to any analysis, but can you really measure if a change was better for a company?  Granted in the end it’s all […]

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